Dear Nightclub visitor,

In celebration of the new we give a present at the ordering of a 12 month subscription, a free Google Chromecast 2 Stick ! With the free Google Chromecast 2 you can easily play movies on your TV with your smartphone, You only pay 12.99 € per month for this one-time and temporary offer.

It's as simple as that: simply connect the Chromecast 2 to your TV, go to with your smartphone or PC, start your favorite movie and simply send it to the TV with the Cast icon.

With a subscription of Nightclub Unlimited you can view unlimited 7500 films from the catalogue without restrictions. You will receive the Google Chromeecast 2 Stick within 3 days in a discreet envelope.

Become a member today and watch the best movies on your smartphone, TV, PC, laptop, tablet, Chromecast, Apple TV and all your game consoles. Use the Chrome Browser with your Chromecast!


  • Secure and discreet payment: The item description United Video is indicated on your invoice.
  • Video tutorial
  • Support & FAQ
  • Order here the free Google Chromecast 2, worth 39.00 € (delivery time 1 working day)
  • You can also use Chromecast for other websites like YouTube and Netflix

1. Connect the Chromecast
A. Connect the power cable to your Chromecast
B. Insert your Chromecast into the TV
C. Plug the power supply into the socket

2. TV input switching
Select as input or source the same HDMI port to which your Chromecast is connected

3. Setup
To set up, open Your smartphone, PC or tablet

4. Start Nightclub!
Open on your smartphone, PC or tablet and click To the symbol