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Breast Friends

02:01:26, Stereo, 16:9 HD SD
A lovely pairing of two gorgeous black haired women Lady D & Lucy Li, they sit facing each other with their legs entwined, as close as they can get for now, soon they are about to get even closer. Their mouths inch toward one another and open, they slide their tongues inside and begin to french kiss with a slow and sensual passion. Lucy lays her partner down on the bed so she can get inside her clothes, she peels back her bra and sucks on her small tits before pulling down her panties so she can spread and rub her pussy from behind. This is only the beginning, Lucy ends up sitting on that girl. Inside it is cozy, the rain falling steadily outside, tapping on the roof, the girls slide up to one another and indulge in some sensual slow kissing and sucking of tongues and fingers. Already they are exploring each other's bodies, searching for the secret, magical areas which cause pleasure to shoot through the body to the brain. After just the right amount of foreplay Davon Kim lets Paula inside her panties and Paula soon offers her the chance to taste her own juices off her fingers. A seriously hot orgasm for Davon follows as she is locked, intertwined with Paula who munches hungrily on her pussy.
Cast: Katy & Vanessa Lady & Lucy Crissy & Ryta
Genre: Blond Brunette Big Tits Lesbian Highlights Top Models Teens (18+) Reality Porn Stars Releases 2018 - Weekly Special - Toys Massage Releases 2017 Free Previews
Studio: Lesbea
Language: English
Year: 2017
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