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Breast Medicine

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I was having a normal day when in walked a short haired minx, who after removing her coat revealed some lovely tattoos on her body. She began to tell me that her boyfriend was younger then her and wanted sex more times a day then she did and could I give her some sexual enhancement pills for herself. Before I knew what was happening, she had exposed her breasts and shoved them in my face. I laid her naked on my desk and began to devour her pussy with my tongue. She was very loud and demanded I fuck her faster and harder all the time. She really loved the cock and she excited me so much that I couldn't contain myself and I pulled and out and shot a rope of cum high into the air. This patient was going to really test my stamina skills, but I wasn't done with her yet. We continued to fuck in what has to be one of the best fuck sessions I've ever had in the office, and that's saying something. Watch the video, I guarantee you won't regret it. - The Doctor
Cast: Dolly Ally Barbara
Genre: Blond Blowjobs Brunette Big Tits Euro Babes Imagination - Weekly Special - Top Models Teens (18+) Reality Porn Stars Releases 2018 Straight Highlights Uniforms Releases 2017 Free Previews
Studio: Fake Hospital
Language: English
Year: 2017
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