Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259
Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259 Gratis Filme

Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 259

01:57:37, Stereo, 16:9 HD SD
Scene 1: Sitting next to Kate on the bed, Paulina poses her hand on Kate's thigh, softly caressing her before posing her lips on hers. Leaning forward, Kate continues to passionately kiss Paulina as she squeezes her pert breasts while Paulina's hands move towards her bum, firmly grabbing it. Approaching Kate from behind, Paulina kisses Kate softly in the neck, turning Kate rapidly on, as her hands move down towards in between her legs, unbuttoning her tight shorts as she continues to undress her. Laying on all fours, Paulina looks back over her shoulder to Kate, who is concentrated behind her fingering her with devotion before turning into 69 that will make both of them reach a climatic orgasm. Scene 2: Gently kissing Daniela's hand, Amber smile as she leans forward to pose her lips on hers. Passionately kissing Amber, Daniela pulls Amber's sweater apart, uncovering her see-through bra, and begins caressing her breasts. Leaning back on the couch, Daniela lets Amber take the initiative, as she pulls her panties aside and giver her a dedicated oral, diving her face into her full bush. Continuing to undress, Amber kneels on all fours while Daniela blindfolds her. Sitting behind her, she caresses her bum and begins fingering her intensely from behind. Turning around, Amber lays on her back as Daniela decisively puts her vulva on top of her face moving it up and down as Amber sticks her tongue up, making her squirm in pleasure.
Cast: Amber Daniela D. Kate G.
Director: Abby Winters
Genre: Blond Brunette Couples Highlights Erotic Solo Teens (18+) Lesbian Erotic - Weekly Special - Euro Babes Porna Massage Releases 2019
Studio: Abby Winters
Language: English
Year: 2019
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