Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266 Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266
Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266 Gratis Filme

Abby Winters - GIRL GIRL SEX 266

01:50:43, Stereo, 16:9 HD SD
Scene 1: Sitting behind Marina, Alexandra braids her hair when slowly Marina turns and grabbing her hand, places her lips on hers, kissing her softly. Opening her legs wide apart, Marina closes her eyes as Alexandra kisses her neck from behind and grabs her firm breasts. Standing up as she pushes her bum out, Marina gets undressed, letting her panties drop to the ground before turning around, pushing Alexandra to lay on her back as she places her pussy on top of her face to receive a passionate oral. Down on the floor, Marina lays on all fours while Alexandra sits behind her, inserting her fingers in her wet pussy as Marina moans and squirms in pleasure. Scene 2: Adriana and Roslin sit on the floor next to each other. Roslin smiles and moves her hands to touch Adriana's breasts. As she does so, Adriana hold her hands against her breasts, letting her squeeze them and caress them. Slowly leaning forward, Adriana kisses softly Roslin's neck, making her excitement growing by the second. Turning around Roslin stands up and spreads her bum cheeks apart, while Adriana sits behind her with her vulva just a few inches away from her face. With one hand Adriana inserts two fingers into Roslin's wet pussy, while with her other hand she pushes a finger inside her tight anus, making Roslin squirm in pleasure and moan. Down on the floor again the girls continue to touch and lick each other, this time in a passionate 69 position before they fall asleep exhausted in each other's arms.
Cast: Adriana Alexandra Marina T.
Genre: Anal Blowjobs Blond Brunette Big Tits Straight Highlights - Weekly Special - Teens (18+) Porn Stars Reality Top Models Couples Releases 2019 Lesbian
Studio: Abby Winters
Language: English
Year: 2019
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