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You are invited!

01:39:26, Stereo, 16:9 HD SD
They claim to be first timers, but believe us when we tell you that youre gonna struggle to be totally convinced when you see this collection of horned-up teens taking to cock like ducks take to water. Then again, they could be naturals its a primitive urge that theyre succumbing to, after all but chances are you wont give a fuck so long as they take as much dick as possible in every single one of the holes that mother nature gave them. Which, we can assure you, they do with aplomb. So relax in your chair, and get ready to be amazed by 2 hours of the best hardcore slut action around; as Sherry, Heidi, Mila Blaze and Codi invite you to this rip-roaring, all-holes fuck-fest, which is guaranteed to leave you totally drained!
Cast: Mila Blaze Heidi Sherry
Director: uncredited
Genre: Anal Ass 2 Mouth Teens (18+) Top Models Straight Highlights Releases 2021 - Weekly Special - Amateur
Language: English
Year: 2021
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